Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the reception honoring Griffin

The showing on the 27th in Mansfield was part of a larger ceremony celebrating Mansfield's designation as a "literary landmark", one of only five in Texas. O Henry's (sp?) home is one of the others. Griffin is in good and elite company. The ceremony where the plaque was unveiled was at the Mansfield library. The fire marshal gave a head count of 328 while looking the other way (the capacity is supposed to be 250). He probably cut some slack because former first lady Laura Bush was part of the festivities. She brought a crowd as well as Secret Service and snipers on the roof. Don't know when Mansfield has seen more excitement. Their 2-person SWAT team was looking pretty edgy. My attempts to be blase went by the wayside early. Mrs. Bush has undeniable star power and considerable charm. She had me from the moment I realized she had actually watched the program. She even asked questions about Laura Crawford (Krueger) who worked with me as associate producer. Mrs. Bush wondered if this was the same Laura Crawford she knew from Houston. I told her it wasn't while thinking,"I can't believe she read the credits". She was equally gracious with the Griffin children, suggesting they take pictures together. I'll include some of the pictures later.