Thursday, February 10, 2011

the Washington D.C. showing

The showing in Washington Tuesday was a highlight of the Uncommon Vision barnstorming tour. Many highlights in one evening actually. The showing itself was held at the E Street Cinema. A good facility and a great crowd. I'm sorry for those who weren't able to get a seat. (I wish they could've come to Monday's screening at the library.) After the screening one of the event hosts, Congressman John Lewis, spoke briefly. Among other thoughts he stressed the importance of remembering the struggles of the civil rights era. To have this great man in attendance was very moving for me. He was patient and obliging with all of us who wanted pictures taken with him. Jessica Yellin of CNN conducted a Q & A which also was very enjoyable. Thankfully no hardball questions so I was able to hold up my end of the conversation. Some I couldn't answer, such as what Griffin's wife thought of his being on the road so much. I can give my best guess but that's about it. Questions from the audience were also lively- a mix of the technical from filmmakers, some politically oriented from others and then some on Griffin's spiritual dimensions.  The primary host was the Faith and Politics Institute, . They did a great job of gathering a stimulating mix of people and coordinating the event. Afterward we went to a reception at the Coco Salon and kept the stimulation going. And of course the event wouldn't have happened at all without the sponsorship of AT&T. Verizon can whisper sweet nothings all they want but I'm sticking with AT&T. Many thanks to Tanya Lombard.
So Mr. Griffin goes to Washington and I think he was well-received.

With Rep. John Lewis at the Washington showing

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